Madinah Society Network | Vision 2020
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Vision 2020

Our first Madinah Society was founded in September 2013 at the University of Manchester. Now in June 2016 alhamdulillah, we have 10 Madinah Societies up and down the country and inshallah the organisation aims to not only continue, but increase the good work that has been achieved so far.


Vision 2020, Inshallah (Allah willing), is the aim for where we would like our organisation to be by the end of the year 2020.


  • We hope to have a network of 30 Madinah Societies
  • A diverse Board of Advisors who hail from a wide variety of professional and religious backgrounds
  • A solid, functioning organisational structure, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for position holders and scope for progression within the organisation
  • A regular programme of training workshops, residential trips and national level campaigns
  • An alumni network for former Madinah Society members
  • A Headquarters for Madinah Society Network


We pray to Allah that He gives the organisation baraqah and tawfeeq to achieve these aims with sincerity for the sake of Him and His beloved Prophet ﷺ.


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