Madinah Society Network | Inaugural Annual Conference
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Inaugural Annual Conference

Inaugural Annual Conference

14124314_1739990732919516_821238502001517754_o1The Madinah Society Network held their Inaugural Annual Conference at the Manchester Science Park on Sunday 21st August 2016. Amongst the guests were respected scholars, current MadinahSoc committee members, alumni and future students who all came together in support of the work our Madinah Societies do.

It was a conference uniting students from ten different universities across the country. The aim was to help all attendees of the various committees leave with more knowledge of what our Madinah Societies do and how they can improve.

The day began with a beautiful recitations of the Holy Quran by the Network’s very own Shoaib Malik and moving Qaseeda and Naat readings. The day’s itinerary included numerous informative lectures and speeches by renowned scholars and academics, as well as interactive workshops in which both society members and current network committee members took part in.

Our interactive workshops prepared our society members for the upcoming Fresher’s Weeks and the rest of the academic year. Fresher’s Weeks are extremely important to make incoming students feel welcomed as they start university and a great way to recruit new faces into societies. Twin Sisters Safina and Nageena Shaukat led a workshop called “Lights.Camera.Action” in which through roleplay society members were taught how to handle possible sticky situations through advice from experienced committee members of the Network and knowledgeable scholars and intellectuals.

We also had a workshop led by Brother Shoaib Malik and Sister Ikra Majeed on “How to make events inclusive and welcoming to all” and a workshop by Brother Tariq Ramtoola on fundraising.

Imam Imran Muhammad al-Azhari, a member of the Board of Advisors of the Network, spoke about the values and ethos of our societies and “What it means to be a Madinah Society.” Imam Imran gave brilliant advice for our members to prepare and motivate them to face any challenges and excel in the already brilliant work they do. He said: “The more trials and tribulations that you are going to come through, the more difficulties that you’re going to see, by God, they are there to make you even greater human beings.”

Imam Iftikhar Daad al-Azhari, a new member of our Board of Advisors, kindly travelled from London to deliver a talk on, “What makes a good President?” His talk was beneficial to reflect on what makes good leaders but also what makes a good team. Drawing from the blessed seerah of our Prophet he reminded us of the importance of respecting leaders and authority. Imam Iftikhar narrated the occasion where archers on the Mount of Uhud disobeyed the instructions of the Prophet and this inevitably led to the Muslims losing the battle. He stressed that leaders are there to serve those they work for and team members should respect the direction their leaders wish to take for them as its in their own betterment.

Mr Moin Azmi, a solicitor by profession and a supporter of the Madinah Society Network, spoke about why we should be proud of Madinah Society: “We have the core fundamental values and beliefs, which is essential for any foundation. Madinah Society is a platform for building bridges, and this is very important in a university setting as students come from all sorts of backgrounds.” Reflecting on the state of Muslims and the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah as a whole, Mr Azmi said that in some ways it is a shame that Sunnis have only started to have a presence at universities now when other Muslim groups have existed for over 50 years. Sunnis always do things last and it’s a shame Madinah Society has only come about now. But! There’s no harm in coming last and there is barakah in this because don’t forget our Prophet came last too and is the final prophet.

Guests on the day included: Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, Shaykh Waseem Ahmed, Mawlana Shabbir Sialvi, Shaykh Hassan Rabbani, Mawlana Bakhtyar Pirzada, Syed Riaz Barkaati, Mr. Moin Azmi and Shaykh Imran Muhammad al-Azhari. “To learn history is easy, but to make history is difficult. And what the Madinah Society Network is doing, is making history!” said Shaykh Muhammed Imdad Hussain Pirzada. He went on to say: “For the first time, the Ahle Sunnah have representatives within universities”, thanking the members of the Network for the hospitality and the invitation.

With many scholars and intellectuals backing the idea and ethos behind the Madinah Society Network, it is clear to see how our societies remain as motivated and encouraged as they are. Throughout the country, many youngsters are becoming more aware of their religious beliefs and are showing a real concern and interest in their right to believe in traditional forms of Islam.

Also on the day, current committee members attending voted for the Network’s National Central Committee as follows:

President: Nadir Raza
Vice-President: Ikra Majeed
Treasurer: Shoaib Malik
Secretary: Aisha Azmi

In an awards ceremony outlining Madinah Society achievements and successes, recognition was given to:

Most Inspirational President: Shoaib Malik
Most Unique Event: Queen Mary, University of London
Best Charity Initiative: University of Manchester
Most Improved Society: Manchester Metropolitan University
Best Event Catering: University of Salford
Best Madinah Society Stall: City, University of London
Outstanding Contribution Award: Hamza Ali Rawlinson
The Imam Ghazali Award: Imam Imran Muhammad al-Azhari

Well done and congratulations to them all! May Allah give them the strength to work hard and bring more successes to the Madinah Society Network!

May Allah continue blessing the Madinah Society Network with success and support, and allow it to continue to prosper and grow. May Allah forgive my shortcomings and for anything I may have said in error, Ameen.

You can view photos of the day here:…

Jazakallah Khair,

Farah Suleman

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