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Da’wah Training Course

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One-Day Da’wah Training Course

And there should be a group among you that invites to goodness, and enjoins good deeds and forbids immorality; it is they who are the successful.
--- The Holy Quran (Surah 3:104); Translation: Kanz ul-Imaan
Course Synopsis

One of the key aims of all Madinah Societies is to provide da’wah alongside education and welfare services to students at universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Madinah Societies provide da’wah through a wide range of activities which include various stalls, the free distribution of literature and interfaith initiatives. The key aim is to increase understanding amongst both Muslims and non-Muslims of Islam’s true values of love, peace and tolerance.


In today’s world, Islam is increasingly in the spotlight and gross misrepresentations of Islam are taking place by extremist groups. It is ever more important for Muslims to act as ambassadors for the religion and clear misconceptions.


This course is aimed primarily at our Madinah Society committee members for them to be well equipped to best represent Islam at university campuses. The course would also be highly beneficial for all others, including: committee members and volunteers of mosques, community workers and the general public at large.


This is a one-day intensive course teaching you how to talk to others about Islam in a convincing and structured manner. Learn how to handle uncomfortable questions that are often asked and how to build your confidence as a role-model for Islam in your community.

Further Information

Date: Saturday 18th March 2017

Venue: Birmingham


Free Public Event – Open to all


Registration is compulsory. Entry will strictly not be permitted to anyone who’s registration has not been acknowledged. Further details of the course will be provided upon registration.


Limited Places Available – First come, first served basis.


Priority will be given to Madinah Society members.

Course Instructor

Shaykh Asrar Rashid is an accomplished scholar from Birmingham. He completed his studies in the Arabic language, fiqh, logic, inheritance law, usul and hadith under the tutelage of Allama Rasool Bakhsh Saeedi, Mufti Muhammad Yaar Khan Qadri and Shaykh Muhammad Jumu‘a.


Shaykh Asrar has travelled to a number of countries in pursuit of sacred knowledge including Syria, Morocco and the Hijaz where he obtained licences to transmit the classical sciences from the likes of Shaykh Idris Kattani, the great Muhaddith of Makka Sayyid Muhammad ibn ‘Alawi al-Maliki and others. At present he teaches the Dar-e-Nizami programme in Birmingham as well as travelling the UK to deliver seminars and courses. May Allah Almighty raise his rank and protect him for the benefit of the ummah.

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